I fly to Singapore tomorrow morning. It’s a 13 hour flight, which means boredom. Lots of boredom. So be prepared for lots of toots about nothing but absolute crap - I suppose that no different than normal. 😁

@kev I've never had wifi in flight, so you should be a bit less bored than I usually am lol. Welcome to my side of the planet!


@joseph @kev Looks like it's going to be hot and humid while you're there. Enjoy!

@mike @joseph from an average of 5c to nearly 30c. Great!?🤦‍♂️

@kev @mike @joseph
Put Solitaire or something like it on your phone. Simple games are good when you are bored and tired.

@kev I like sudoku, but oooof, I don't like it 13 hours straight. I'd diversify. :tetris:

@rudolf @joseph

@mike @rudolf @joseph I’ve got plenty of other stuff to keep me occupied. My laptop, my iPad, in-flight movies (I’m flying business, so there should be a cool collection), my ebook reader, and of course, sleep! 😁

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