Question: how do you keep up to date with news, consume news and fine new sources to follow?

Specifically tech, as that’s what I’m interested in, but could be anything really.


@kev Years and years ago, I started consolidating RSS feeds into Google Reader. When it died, I moved into Feedly, and I've been there since. RSS feeds come and go depending on my interests, but I have between 50 and 100 different feeds (I think, there's a lot of them) that I browse through on a regular basis. I'd like to move away from Feedly to something more Libre, but so far I've been too lazy. Every now and again I'll research alternatives, but I have yet to actually make the move.

@mike @kev

I've started using tiny tiny rss as an alternative to my bird site feed.

If it works well then plan to cut bird site time down further.

I still have a bird site account, but I never login, and only occasionally post to it using Buffer. I really should just get rid of it at this point.


@mike @kev If you want to selfhost, there’s miniflux. It’s really minimalistic but works well and has nice features.
Something more like the old google reader would be tiny tiny rss but I haven’t used this one.

@vordenken I've been trying to move away from self hosting lately just because I don't feel I have the time to put into it to do it the right way. Lazy, I know, but I need to have some time during my day where I'm unplugged and I can play with my kids or just sit on the couch with my wife.


@vordenken @mike @kev +1 for miniflux. Tiny (for real) footprint and has everything I need. I really fell in love with Go software in Docker for self-hosting.

@mike @kev

I'm curious what sources people are using as well. I use reddit, hackernews, and a ton of slack channels (how I miss IRC).

For RSS specifically, the folks at @Framasoft are doing great work creating and supporting opensource services/software.

They have a hosted "Framanews", or you can download and host it yourself.

@mike doors feedly support OPML exporting? You can have an account on my FreshRSS server if you like.

@mike @kev

In the same situation as Mike, used Feedly for a while but eventually ditched it as I exported all my feeds as OPML and imported them into Flym. It does exactly what I need it to do and not much else.

Link to githb repo here:

@mike @kev I have TT-RSS running in a container on an old laptop that I use as a home server. I’ve been using Newsboat (terminal based reader) to connect to it which has a nice filtering system on it for article searches. I use WireGuard so I can reach the server from wherever while protecting it from unauthorized access. I’m just about to experiment with elfeed in emacs, which has similar functionality to Newsboat. You can connect to TT-RSS with it using a separate connector plugin, apparently.

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