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And one would be hard pressed to not use some of those companies. - That sucks.

@mike I'd take this with a grain of salt. #27 is literally just the power grid and the top few are just there because they're the most popular. Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft are no saints, but they're certainly not the most evil companies in the tech industry or even on that list.

I would say from past experience and friends I had, Amazon and Facebook first before Google for the company's culture. They endocrine you and want to make you believe you are doing good to the world as an employee/contractor for them.

I had two interview at Facebook Ireland tho. The last time was in 2016 or 17? They asked me what I would change if I could. I said I would decentralized the platform and make sure people own their data and not them. Never heard of them after but I got free food. 🤣

After I knew than if I want to be hired I had to lie at the job interview. So I did. Got disgusted by what I had to do and left.

After I've been an happy homeless. 😆

@mike And yet Slate has no trouble running trackers from several of these "villains" on their website.

@mike #Google must have sponsored the artist for not being on here..
And indeed, why is #Bitcoin on there? It's not a corporation. And it's not evil...

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