I came across a site called All My Links recently. I really wouldn't recommend using it.


@kev Hm, I was under the impression you weren't a big fan of Keybase. This post surprises me. I appear to be wrong.

@mike I really like Keybase for their chat and profile amalgmation. I don't really see the point in the whole key sharing thing though - let's be honest, GPG is never going to make mass appeal.


@kev I would love to see more services integrate encryption automatically. The reason encryption isn't used is because it's a pain most of the time. If using Keybase encryption was as simple as checking a box in Thunderbird and when you send an email Thunderbird would just go out there, see if the To address has a key and encrypt if it does, more people would use it. Keybase's aim is to make encryption easy for the average person, but they've still got a ways to go before that's true.

@mike @kev can you imagine #GMail to create PGP keys (stored on GDrive) and setup the corresponding WKD for all users out there? This would be sufficient to encrypt 95% of all mails out there.

@ilpianista yeah, but then they couldn't see what people were emailing. 😉


@mike absolutely! That's the barrier to entry. People just can't be bothered pissing around with it. Myself included.

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