Watching the Project for Awesome Live stream. If you've got a buck or two laying around and feel like decreasing world suck, here's the link. Of course, don't feel obligated.

@mike I remember when I first started watching the green brothers back in December 2008. I have always been interested in their videos since then because they just seem like such well-intended individuals. And they've done so much since then! 😊

@algorithminflux It was pretty funny how I started watching them actually. I'd run into a couple of John's videos just through random searches and didn't really know who he was. I was my wife watching a Hank video and she was using it as a recommended watch for her students for a biology course she was teaching. I commented on how that guy looked really familiar, and then we both "discovered" the Green brothers. We started watching the vlogbrothers and we've been fans ever since!

@mike Best co-discovery ever! Your wife must have been watching SciShow. Great series! I especially love SciShow Space, being the sci-fi nerd that I am. DFTBA! 😊

@algorithminflux I think it was Crash Course, but I'm a huge fan of both! I've been watching their Crash Course AI series, the Journey to the Microcosmos, and we're always up for SciShow! DFTBA!

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