This is a problem with our existing data sets. Humans create the sets of data that are used by these AIs, which allows even unconscious biases to be carried over to the AIs. We need to diversify the populations that are represented in these data sets, but that's easy to say harder to do apparently.

"Google’s Hate Speech-Detecting AI is Biased Against Black People"

"our datasets"? I have no datasets. Google does. Why are you trying to solve bigcorps' problems? I'd much rather destroy or corrupt their datasets, for everyone, given that they use them for their own purposes (profit) and against us. #FuckOffGoogle


@zeh Because it's not just something that affects big corporations. Bias in data sets affects small initiatives even more than it does these big corporations. For example, Mycroft AI.

I can't say for certain, because I have no source backing this up, but I'd imagine that smaller projects like Mycroft probably have MORE of an issue with bias than larger corporations, simply because these large corporations have access to more people.

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