I hope so.

"Can an open-source AI take on Amazon and Google?"

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I use mycroft as my assistant on android with a local text to speech system. I am currently working on skills to make learning about user privacy and liberation possible through queries.

@c1t1z3n0n3 Did you have to compile that yourself, or is there an APK that can be sideloaded?

I built myself. I can put my project files and apk on a public download page on my nextcloud giving you a link. I set it up by default to connect to my server that way it's always connected and not just only on wifi. I have tooted a couple of screenshots of my version.

@c1t1z3n0n3 I'd appreciate that. I'd love to have Mycroft on my phone. I'm hoping that they're in contact with companies who have up and coming Linux phones (PinePhone and the Librem5 to name two). It would be awesome to have Mycroft as a default phone assistant option on those devices.

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