Personally, I think the level of mistrust is too low for ALL of these companies, and the level of trust is concerning.

"Which IoT Companies Do People Most Mistrust?"

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@boblmartens @mike FB set your thermostat? Fkrs will turn up, mark my words

@johnbessa I'm sure because of their Portal device, but I'm not sure how compatible it is with home automation. It's definitely not something I want to put in my home.


@mike @boblmartens it's more like a 'who's the creepiest award' listening in on everything... good grief, but I might get some smart plugs for ventilation fans and the dehumidifier in the basement

@johnbessa Yea, I've been wanting to get Mycroft configured to use Home Assistant, but so far I just haven't had the motivation to put in the time. I'm mostly confident that Mycroft isn't going to share my data across the globe to anybody that asks.


@mike @johnbessa A colleague of mine (and I) have talked about trying to "open source auto" our house. May need to look into that after I'm done with school.

@boblmartens @mike "open source auto" our house - like an opensource motorhome? I like it, opensource electro-diesel coordinated with RiscV (5)

@boblmartens @mike actually QNX owned by BlackBerry is the auto computing of choice - Soooo wished I saved a copy of the 32bit system when it was open - that is a system worth copying, hey CHINA!!!

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