This sounds cool. I tried setting it up, but I can't reach the git repo (might be my corporate firewall having a good time with me). Has anybody else done this and what did you think? Thanks for the article @kyle!

"What Really IRCs Me: Mastodon | Linux Journal"

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@mike @kyle I used bitlbee for AIM and other chat services back in the day. It’s a neat little project and if you’re really more comfortable with IRC, then it’s perfect for extending that metaphor to other services.

@ndegruchy I've been using IRC on and off now for about 25 years, so I'm pretty comfortable with the interface. I've always thought that microblogging platforms would be perfect in an IRC interface, and it would really open up the options for desktop clients.


@mike @ndegruchy I think of social media like a giant, busy IRC channel I moderate where I can +v any particular person I want to talk to (by following them).

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