None of you have ever gone THIS retro.... If I'm wrong, I REALLY want to hear about it.

"The Most Retro Way to Run Terminal Commands on Linux, Period - OMG! Ubuntu!"

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@mike I haven't gone quite this far, but only for lack of a teletype, honestly

@mike I have a DECwriter III I've been meaning to do this with.

@mike the only thing stopping me would be the lack of access to an old teletype like this.

The closest thing to something this retro that I did with Linux would've been during a summer job at a railway in the 1990s (when kernel 2.0.x was brand new!). We were gathering wayside telemetry over telegraph line poles, some of them dating back to the 1940s that send signals using electromechanical relays.

The railway had developed, in-house, a board that translated the signals to (slow!) RS232.

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