The Trump administration is not the first administration to propose this type of thing. Even assuming the United States government would never abuse this if it were to happen, if the US government can break the encryption, other governments and corporations and individuals can as well.

"Trump officials weigh encryption crackdown"

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@mike why I am a sockpuppet - they don't know what to make of someone who lives exactly 100 yrs ago (as if anything changed since then)

@mike @johnbessa Maybe he is implying that Trump is backward thinking?

@eddee @mike I need to a complete write-up on how this: a big part was re-enactment of the russian revolution and the bolshevik takeover of the revolution to create the monster called the USSR - but it works being the present, that is so dangerous, is an outcome of events 100 yrs ago closely linked to another revolution: industrial / growing up in NYC I have a grip on political undercurrents and conflict, and understand that the Right (trump, etc) is an outcome of the left (marx, etc)

@eddee @mike suffice to say that currently I am attempting to warn various groups of treachery and infiltration that will ultimately extend pogroms into holocaust - knowing there is a present parallel (as time repeats itself) and that this method is safe as the current players think me to be insane, which I confirm - why? because when it comes out I am NOT insane, all they can call me is a liar... think about it

@eddee @mike (there is a lot more, like I said, and the core of my decision to be a sockpuppet is based on tech, entirely, I hope I can get to that, but I am busy in the present)

@mike Australia has already implemented similar legislation

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