It looks like @christitus put up a video on Mastodon. It's an interesting watch.

What's the connection between Mastodon and the blockchain technology? I might not know enough of it for sure, but the two things are unrelated AFAIK?

Not the foggiest idea. First I've heard of it.

in fact there's no connection at all. I'm sorry but this video is very poorly informed.

And still sucks.

@mike @christitus
This is how I finally got to checking this out. Signed up yesterday cuz of Chris' video. Before that, any mention on the youtubes or elsewhere of either Mastodon (is that a band?) or was like "what is that? I have no idea. Ignore."

@christitus @mike
Thanks! I'm not much of a "social media" / networking type folk, but I'll check it out for a while anyway. I lurk a bit on Twitter; have a facebook account that is only checked once or twice a year, and that's about it. Not into snapchat, instagram, slack, etc. Have no idea what Discord is. I am addicted to youtube however, including Chris Titus Tech!

@mike @christitus he seems a little hung up on the term toot. Seriously its just a pun, get over it

Yea, he's a smart guy, so I'm assuming he's made the connection with the Mastodon's trunk making a toot sound. And the fact that Eugen isn't a native English speaker. Still, he throws out "tweet" as if that makes total sense and isn't a "cutsie" term in and of itself. Other than that, and the blockchain bit, I thought it was good.


@mike @mattmcnutt Tweet sounds a bit silly as well as it's a bird... however Toot, mean fart here in america. My wife busted up laughing when I told her about it. So while tweet is ok... Toot is a non-starter for many people and sounds far worse. Just my opinion, but I am not alone in that. Why hamper a fantastic project with something that would turn away new users?

@christitus @mattmcnutt Many Americans find the term comical to start, but seem to get over it quickly. Eugen has discussed it ad nauseam in the past, and has even volunteered to change it if people felt it was a barrier to adoption. The general consensus of Mastodon users seems to be that it's not a big deal.

@mike @christitus @mattmcnutt Agreed, Mike. It's not a big deal. In fact, I had completely forgotten about it 'till Chris brought it up in a video. Honestly, I would even argue that the term would bring in more people. There are a good handful of people that like it when devs work hard on a project but don't take themselves too seriously. Personally not something I look for but some people value that.

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