An operating system that does this currently dominates the desktop market. Let that sink in.

@mike maybe some day they'll switch to the Linux kernel and normal update policies. One can only hope 🙃

@mike I'm not sure if this says more about the OS or the average user.

@mike Poor you if you only boot into it occasionally. I hadn't started mine for about a month, and last week it was 90 minutes - I am not exaggerating - before I could do anything, as the updates took forever and it just kept rebooting.

@mike I've always wondered how many computers die each year do to bad timing of power outages.

@mike fedora 30 has the same experience with updates and the wording. I was saddened to see that from them.

@mike I was recently ' upgraded' to win10. Though working is much more smoother, it almost always restarts for updates.

@mike Don't blame the creator, blame the users ... they think that that thing is awesome!

@mike yes people at micro$oft know, that updates suck. Unfortunately there's not much they can do about it. See

@mike it also coordinates with the level of stress that the operator experiences. E.g when one has to boot the windows machine to join the only Skype for Business meeting this month...

@mike windows 10 is the only reason I finally switched to linux.

@mike i'm so glad that i'm almost full-time linux. I still have a 7 box which WILL be repurposed now that i'm no longer employed by the corporation who's systems were developed for IE alone. I know that screen all too well, hurry up and wait!

@mike its "only" the Desktop and CHina drops them now systematically

@mike Microsoft has made different choices about where to put its developer expertise. Like, video games and applications that work.
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