Hi there. I'm brand new to the world of Mastodon. Just trying to figure out how it works.

@bluesfreak72 Welcome! I’ve been in it for two days and so far, so good.

The biggest problem I’m struggling with is figuring out who to follow.


Always a problem on a new social network. I'd recommend checking the Trunk



@mike Thanks. I’ve run across that before but it looked like a random wall of names. I’ll take a closer look.

I think what I’d like to do is follow multiple servers since they seem to be topical. Essentially it’d be great to subscribe to hash tags or topics across all servers.

If you're on android, is a great app that lets you follow servers, hashtags, and the like.

I had heard there was an app that allowed that. Thanks for sharing its name!
Right now I’m doing the whole “tab per server I find interesting” approach.


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