I'm thinking of starting a video mini series that educates parents (and a subset of adults that look after children) on the ins and outs of parenting their child in a world where social media is so prevalent.

What topics/realms of interest would you like to see covered if I were to do such a thing?

Is this something you'd be willing to support financially/donate to? I would be doing it with or without funding, though funding would allow me to make it a little more polished.


@brandon I think it sounds like a good idea, but I'd take care with how you promote it. There are quite a few people out there that will take issue with a 25 year old with no kids assuming he can "educate" them on "parenting their child" anywhere. Maybe something more like informing parents regarding online threats to their children, and ways to mitigate them?

@mike Are you saying that there exists fragile egos that *some* parents hold regarding their parenting abilities

I'll certainly have to account for that. I planned being completely transparent about how I don't have kids, but that that's not the point :P

@mike The content suggestion is essentially what the miniseries was supposed to be.

It's designed to give an overview of what the average parent needs to worry about with a given social media platform as well as what type of content that parents should be wary of

@mike @brandon Since this is more a safety thing for online i doubt many would take offense to it. Actual parenting advice on the other hand would.

@jordan31 @mike There...would be SOME parenting advice, but moreso "don't be too aggressive with your "keeping an eye on your children digitally because they'll hide more from you" than "don't spy on your children." Everything in moderation, right?

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