I know there are many who have been arguing that Microsoft is just trying to do the right thing, and some that have said they trust Satya Nadella, but this feels like we're moving into the "Extend" phase to me.

"Microsoft Becomes Master of Its Own Linux Kernel | Developers | LinuxInsider"

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@mike I interpret it as an acknowledgement that the underlying structure of Windows is dated and due for replacement.

It makes sense to get developers accustomed to the replacement technology before it's officially adopted.

I think, eventually, Windows will become a desktop environment on top of a Linux OS where they can leverage its hardware support and superior kernel features.

@neildarlow They wouldn't be wrong about the underlying structure of Windows. Around the turn of the century when Apple moved from "Classic" MacOS to it's current "Unixy" base, I thought Microsoft might follow suit and move Windows to a Linux based system. They've been proving me wrong for the better part of two decades now, so I'm not going to hold my breath on that move. Still, it would be a good move for them I think.

@mike Why fight the enemy when you can co-opt them? Any talk of ethics--good or bad--misses the point. If Microsoft can improve stability, cut costs, bring developers back into the fold, and contend w/ Apple, while also plugging their web services and ad infastructure, ethics doesn't enter the equation. There is no fig leaf here.

@mike If someone thinks Microsoft is doing anything for the right cause or believing for a second they "love" Linux or open source, then they're more naive than me. And I'm as naive as someone can get. :)

Yep, unless microsoft becomes a nonprofit/communiy funded, they will always be a potential threat to FOSS

"this feels like we're moving into the "Extend" phase to me."

Could possibly be the "Extend" phase of . OTOH note from the OIN announcement at that Microsoft isn't exactly "open sourcing any new code as part of the announcement, and isn’t transferring ownership of any patents to OIN." MS also avoided any commitment to license future patents to OIN.

With its purchase of , MS is leveraging and may even *eventually* try to Extinguish OSS 😞

@mike Mike I swear I just logged in to say the same but you beat me to it. I was thinking about it all day.

@mike alot of companies just seem to promise "all the cool things linux", just to put it behind walls. It's all great, as long as they stay as far away from actual open source software so they can make a profit.
Of course it makes sense from a company's perspective, but theres where the company and the users interests conflict.

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