This is something that raises my hackles daily. Just don't do it!

@mike Haha. What kind of website is this?
Stating the obvious?


@fatboy You'd THINK it would be obvious, right? I don't know how many IMs a day I get that's just, "Hi."

@mike Haha. It IS obvious.
Who sends a message saying "Hi" and nothing else?! Haha

@fatboy Way too many people. Enough that someone created a blog with a single post that they've kept up for 6 years just to tell people not to do that.

@mike Since we're on this topic of communication, what do you think of the status quo of email etiquette?
I frequently receive blank emails with a sentence in the subject line. Makes me vivid!

@fatboy That sounds like something that should never, ever happen. Thankfully I can say that's something I've never had sent to me. I'd be more than a little irritated.

@fatboy @mike Set up a mail rule to automatically delete if body == ''. Seriously.

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