I started python3 recently and I was searching for an editor or an ide that is minimal and has good python3 support.

I tried Geany, VSCodium, Atom, Kdevelop, Kate, and Sublime (might have missed one or two).

I ended up using Gedit, which was there in front of me the whole time, with built in terminal plugin, pyflakes, jedi and pycodestyle and these 2 plugins:



It is all I need for now.


@mdbekhit I've been learning Python 3 as well (slowly between other things that actually require my time), and I've settled on a combination of what @gxtony and @EclecticEclipse suggested. I use Pycharm for most of the heavy lifting, and vim for quick edits when I don't really need the whole IDE thing.

@mike @gxtony I feel you Mike, same thing here. Taking my time too but I am too excited about it I want to fly through the material I have.

Regarding PyCharm, how limited is the community edition? Will one at some point requires to upgrade to Pro?

I have checked the website's comparison at it is mainly missing frameworks. Anything major that can be limiting compared to other IDEs?

I haven't run into any limitations of any significance, but it could be that is because I'm still at a beginner level with this stuff. More things might make themselves known when I get better at this.


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