We all know how important backups are. I'm looking to build a new backup system sometime this spring, but for now I'm just rsyncing to an external drive. What is your solution?

"Which open source backup solution do you use? |"

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@mike for $job[0] I use bacula (to tape) and rsync (to ZFS on-site snapshot server). for $job[1] I use TSM and for home I use tar -> external USB -> office. It's all size and cost dependent.

@frehi @mike I don't know bareos, but I'm liking the combination of , , and (to B2). Borg cronjob sends encrypted backups to ; those are nightly uploaded w/ rclone to Backblaze B2. Much faster than Duplicati. Also feels more robust.

@mike Borg backup is very, very good and also the fastest of all the things I tried on a ~300Gb set of files.

I'm bad and just do it once in a while when I plan to install a new OS and manually move things to a flash drive or another computer. Starting a regular backup routine is on my list, though.

@mike Give a try to the backuppc package. I have installad it on a single board computer that backups my sensible directoryes all over the network an offers a suitable html interface at http://localhost/backuppc

@mike on PC I use Nextcloud. In server I use rsnapshot script, so basically rsync.

@mike The 3-2-1 idea is nice. You should have at least 3 backups, on 2 different medias and 1 backup should be offsite.

I'm using restic for stuff where deduplication helps and rsync for other cases.

rsyncing to a couple external drives is my solution too. I do then sync the backup to my NAS as well. This tries to help ensure I have 3 copies of a backup if somehow both the externals, or 1 external and my NAS fail. I really need to find a good offsite solution for my workstation/laptops though. The problem is realistically uploading my backups over my residential connection as they are over 10TB.

@mike I use a combination of rsync and btrfs snapshots. I've tried borgbackup and rsnapshot, but keep coming back to my tried and tested script.


I dont use any ready made solution. I rsync to an external HDD any files I'm working on or need immediate recovery of. I also rsync the files to a BD-RE.

All other files are put into DAR archives with parity and possibly encryption depending on the files. The DAR files are stored on a HDD and written to BD-R with the most important being uploaded to Amazon S3.

Some files are to be archived. They end up in DAR archives on BD-R and uploaded to Amazon Glacier.

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