For those of you that use the qutebrowser, what do you do for password management? I like the browser, but I don't like memorizing 250+ different passwords or shooting myself in the foot by having all my accounts have the same password.

@mike I use Firefox, but I use the standard Unix pass manager and a dmenu script to copy the password into my clipboard.


I don't use a browser plugin for password management. I use the dmenu extension to pass, so accessing a password means pressing <A-p> + the first letter or two of the username and then <C-v> to paste into the password box. I guess that's *slightly* more work than a working autofill, but it's fast enough that it never bothers me.

@mike Not specific to qutebrowser, but I don't use a password manager software since I don't want any unnecessary attack surface (and I don't use the same password everywhere either, obviously).

I just copy-paste the password for any login manually, that's convenient enough for me.

Passwords are stored on a full-disk encrypted box (dm-crypt+luks) and there in a -encrypted file.

A few passwords and passphrases (that I need often) I have memorized, so I rarely need the file anyway.

@mike on a related note, do all logins need the same level of password strength?

Since different systems enforce different rules, password strengths would need to vary by default.

@mike not exactly that but kinda. from a user use case point of view

I use pass. It has a -c switch that puts the decrypted password into your clipboard for 45 seconds.

Integrated? No, but good enough for me!

@mike you can use the autofill feature in keepassx/c. It's browser agnostic.

I don't use the browser for password management. KeepassXC in my tool of choice. Too old school? 😉

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