@danarel has an article on open source social media options.

"5 social media alternatives to protect your privacy |"

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I'm in the process of closing my Facebook, surprisingly had a good chunk of people get on Signal, and a even got some on Mastadon.

@PrivacyBear Glad to hear it. With G+ shutting down, I've been trying to keep track of people in my circles. Unfortunately they've scattered to varying networks. A good number of them have ended up here on Mastodon, but some have gone elsewhere. MeWe seems to be a popular choice for former G+ users, but after trying it I just couldn't.


Yeah, I signed up for MeWe, but there was just something about it I didn't like. Besides the fact there is no way to know they actually are secure like they say.

@mike @danarel Nice article, it only misses the point that as long as different social networks in the Fediverse support the same protocol it doesn't matter how small a particular network is.

Good point, and anything that's not open source will eventually go the way of myspace:)
@mike @danarel

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