A lot of it it turns out. I think this is something that is noticed almost tangentially. The Internet doesn't FEEL as "genuine" as it did 10 or 20 years ago. I want us to take the Internet back to the times when it was more real.

"How Much of the Internet Is Fake?"

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@mike to be perfectly honest, if you stick to IRC chatrooms and try to avoid mainstream media the internet is just as crazy as ever. Case in point:

@mike We really need another internet that includes words and not ads. I've visited some sites that without an adblocker, it would be hard to find any articles to read. I've been searching for years good bloggers and journalists to follow instead of corporate news sites. You find the most interesting stories and sometimes helpful tips from these guys.

@mike The Internet has become one big, data-mining, business opportunity. You could argue that, with de-centralisation, it is returning to its more chaotic roots.

Man O' Man. I explain this same thing too everyone in my surrounding.

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