I'm so tired of Windows. Unfortunately at work, I'm not able to run Linux on my desktop. I'm thinking seriously about asking for an Apple computer next time, but I'm really torn. I'm NOT a fan of Apple. They annoy me on a visceral level. I can't decide if putting up with Apple is a better path than putting up with Microsoft. Neither is a good option in my mind. Maybe I'm just short tempered today because it's Monday?

@mike out of curiosity, why Apple annoys you if you can tell

@spla SO many reasons. Their insistence on having giant logos on their stuff. The general corporate attitude (inherited by many of its users). The constant need to buck standards in both hardware and software. I couldn't come close to describing all the ways.

@mike well, their macbooks run very well and reliable. And they have the console where one can enjoy linux commands.

I'm not a friend of Apple too, but I would prefer Apple because it just works and has a real console 🤷‍♂️

@mike For me, Apple is that good middle-ground of “I want a true Unix, but I don’t want to shave yaks all day to do tasks that my desktop environment should make easy for me.”

@joseph That's a solution for home (if I ran Windows at home), but not really plausible at work.

@mike I'd pick Apple over Windows any day. At least it has some of the UNIX command compatibility. And you don't have to put up with Putty.

@mike Ask for Debian. If they can't set that up, ask for Ubuntu. If not, Arch. If not, BSD. If not, Red hat. If not, pure GNU. Give them loads of options, but let them know that Windows and macOS are both useless and significantly harm your productivity.

That's got about a third of a chance of working, I reckon.

I already gave my 2 weeks notice for less than that. 😂

@mike used virtual machine with on top of a windows machine for a few years in the same situation

@przemo Yea, the computer is already super slow, and that only solves some of the frustrations. Still, tempting.

@mike OK, that might not work. I had (back then) a top class CAD station.

@mike macOS will very likely frustrate you less than Windows. If I'd have to choose between them again without Linux bring an option, I'd always go with a Mac.

I've said it before to my manager, if he suddenly was told that he couldnt let me do my job on Linux any more he'd have to buy me a mac.

It would irk me, but probably slightly less than Windows. At least it's unix-like

@mike At least on a (otherwise overpriced) Mac with Terminal and HomeBrew you are able to run most of the programs you love on Linux.

@mike Can you run VirtualBox and run Linux inside that?

@jtgd Yea, I could do that, but it wouldn't solve all the issues with Windows. It would just mask them behind a more congenial and capable OS.

@mike Or you could do it the other way around, install Linux and run Window in VB. Depends on if you are required by employer to have Windows on the hardware. I always found Windows unbearable without at least Cygwin.

@mike If you got the option then it might be worth going for mac, especially if you spend a lot of time in the commandline, im sick of having to use putty to ssh places and being tied down to the archaic and unpredictable update system.

@enos_666 I do spend a lot of time at the command line. Right now, I have 3 apps open. Vivaldi, Outlook, and PuTTY. That's probably all I'll open today. Maybe Filezilla. I'm pretty much in a browser or in a terminal. Funny enough, that's pretty much what's open on my personal computer too. Just replace Outlook with Rhythmbox and PuTTY with Tilix, and we're there.

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