Just ran wipefs on my previous openbsd install. Giving arch another go after streaming all of Luke Smiths videos. And now after the installation I am running larbs.sh from larbs.xyz/ - excited!

@iah I've watched a couple of his videos, and it always makes me want to fire up Arch.

@mike have you tried larbs.sh? It just finished over here. And its beautiful.

@iah It's just been a matter of time really. That and I didn't want to compromise my main system, but I recently got myself a Thinkpad, so that isn't a concern anymore. Maybe it's time I made the move!

@mike what kind of ThinkPad you got? I bought two for a couple of months ago. I didn't expect to win two auctions 😂


It could be better. I get 3-4 hours of screen on hands on keyboard time.

@iah Yea, it was barely 3 hours before I installed it.

@mike alright. But I think you really should get more time out of your battery.

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