Client: We can't decrypt that file you sent. Can you send us the private key you used so we can open it?

Me: .......
Me: ......
Me: ..... my head hurts.

@mike "I don't have your private key, and furthermore, if I did, you should be panicking."

@mike Was that an email you got? It could be someone trying to social engineer you (or maybe I've just been reading too much Mitnick)

@Naughtylus Not likely. It came from a Business Systems Analyst who was talking directly with a client. Normally the BSAs are familiar with the client contacts. It's possible it was phishing, but I'd be pretty surprised. Either way, that's a whole lotta "No".

@mike @Naughtylus Inform them that the private key is something that they, and only they, possess; this is so that they can decrypt the message. Having the PUBLIC key that you used will not help them.

Then maybe they can be confused and talk to the people who know how to deal with it.

@mike If someone does that to me, it’s his head that would hurt. 👿

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