I love it when you're sitting at your desk, minding your own business, when ***BOOOM*** all of your monitors light up like a Christmas Tree showing virtually everything is down. You check the servers and everything looks OK, but other corporate services look down too. After 5-10 minutes of checking, miraculously they all start working again with no changes being made. You call the corporate people to ask WTF, and they seem to be completely unaware anything happened.


@mike Reminds me of the bit in the film Apollo 13 there one of the guys in the Control Centre says something like "It has to be an instrument failure, we can't have everything go wrong like this" and then Lovell says "We're venting something".

Gene Krantz says "What kind of instrument failure makes it look like we're venting something?"

OK, it might not really be relevant, but your description reminded me of that scene.

@mike Fixed that for ya!

"miraculously they all start working again with no APPROVED changes being made."

@mike corp IT: 'What is monitoring?" you: *headdesk*

@mike net connectivity failure on the monitoring server's production NIC? ;)

@gwmngilfen Hah! That would be funny, but we monitor from multiple locations both internal and external to our network. No single point of failure!

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