Just ran wipefs on my previous openbsd install. Giving arch another go after streaming all of Luke Smiths videos. And now after the installation I am running larbs.sh from larbs.xyz/ - excited!

@iah I've watched a couple of his videos, and it always makes me want to fire up Arch.

@mike have you tried larbs.sh? It just finished over here. And its beautiful.

@iah It's just been a matter of time really. That and I didn't want to compromise my main system, but I recently got myself a Thinkpad, so that isn't a concern anymore. Maybe it's time I made the move!

@mike I'm made time today. And I got work 100%, studies 50% and two kids and a third on the way with that a demanding wife 🤣

@mike @iah As a close to 9 year old Arch user I must say it's very reliable, to the point it tends to get boring.


@mike @iah
It is, until you run pacman -Su 😉
Years ago, I had been Arch user for five years until I finally realized that I was too old for this crap. It was really funny for example, when /usr/bin/python was changed to Python3 without any good reason and maintainers didn't give a damn that there was tons of programs which expected Python2 there.
But maybe today something has changed for the better though.

@VikingKong @mike @iah It's a rolling release and there's no one forbidding you to have both version 2 and 3 at the same time. :)


@mike @iah
Arch like any other distribution had both versions at the same time long before this change. The problem was that they changed the standard path and any piece of software expected Python2 there got Python3 instead which broke things significantly.

@hund @mike so that's why you traveled to gentoo world? I ran gentoo way back when I had a amd Athlon. Can't remember the year. But it was just a hassle of compiling everything.

@iah @mike Partly because of being bored, but as a Linux user before the Systemd-era I missed the old [and sane] init systems. I also like the idea of Gentoo with emerge, USE-flags and all that. The community seemed really mature and friendly towards beginners as well.

@iah @mike And speaking of communities. I was (and still is) tired of the toxic and elitist community surrounding Arch Linux (both users and representatives).

I've seen a lot of crap over the years, but I felt like I've had enough when I got a forum thread[1] locked due to my topic[2] being a "superfluous cry for help". Well, sorry for being Swedish and not speaking perfect English?

1: bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.ph
2: The topic "I need help with weird looking fonts in IceCat itself".

@mike what kind of ThinkPad you got? I bought two for a couple of months ago. I didn't expect to win two auctions 😂

It could be better. I get 3-4 hours of screen on hands on keyboard time.

@iah Yea, it was barely 3 hours before I installed it.

@mike alright. But I think you really should get more time out of your battery.

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