I laugh every time someone asks me if my computer runs Windows 7 or Windows 10, and I laugh more when they look at me confused as to what's so funny.

@mike Haha. I can just imagine. This almost makes me think there should be a meme for this?

@mike Do they not just assume you are mac user?

Weirdly that usually doesn't come up. You'd think that would be logical, right?

@Naughtylus @mike Judging from it looking similar to Windows, I'd guess KDE.

@stevenroose That or mate or cinnamon.

I can't recall what distribution @mike is on (is it Solus?), so that's why I'm asking

One of my laptops is Mint 19.1, the other is Solus. I did run KDE on the Solus box for a while, but decided to try out some other distros.


@mike one time I started Ubuntu on my laptop in school and people asked me why is my Windows so weird xDDD

@mike You know I mean well but we can take down that belittling reaction a few notches. Other than politically affiliated fanatics, no one is really proud of their ignorances. You could always drive back home and relieve your laughs in a quiet corner. 🤣


Can't imagine the laugh you'd have when you get a strange call from "Microsoft Customer Service" that your Windows installation no is in trouble 😂

@danwallace Is it weird that I've always wanted to get one of those calls? I hear about them all the time, but I've never gotten a call.

@mike @danwallace It's 'cause you aren't signed up to enough stuff. (probably NSFW) is a great website if you want to get scammed quickly, though be warned: it occasionally hosts NSFW blackmailey virus scares. (I recommend μblocking images.) If you want to avoid that, go onto a clickbait article and click the promotional stuff on the bottom; won't take long to find a scam.

From there, simply input your real contact information and you'll be on scam call lists as quickly as anything.

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