I've been watching the announcements coming out of CES, and I'm torn. I love the idea of smart homes, cars, and devices. The problem here is that Google and Amazon are dominating that market, and neither have any respect for personal privacy. I want projects like Mycroft to compete here, but they're not even a blip on the radar right now. Right now, it looks like winner of the battle between the two titans will control our information in the future. We don't get a say.

@mike The fact people pay money to have a wiretap in their home is astounding to me...

@Matter I can see why they do, because the devices they purchase provide a function they like. I won't argue with that, they're very handy. I think the fact that they're selling their privacy is KNOWN, but it's not something they think about so it's not as big of a weight on their mind. I love the idea of them myself, and I really wish privacy respecting options like Mycroft were bigger players in the market.

@mike that's ok. They will be forced to make design choices early on. As they become ever less agile, holes in their products due to said design combined with massive tech debt will appear. By then, a more diversified wave of products will more easily thrive off these shortcomings, with the added benefit of a customer base ready for them

@mike We used to think the same about Microsoft, and while on paper they're still dominating the PC market, they're not in control of our computing at all anymore.
Of course it's easier to free PCs with their relatively open architecture than it is to free the notoriously locked-down IoT devices, but we must not give up! Linux started as merely a blip as well, and look where it is now.

@colomar @mike my thoughts as well. The price to pay for early adopters is giving away your privacy but the opensource community is strong and will eventually catch up. Linux caught up and surpassed windows and mac

Lots of privacy respecting smartphones and operating systems are on their way to take down android and ios :)

@mike agreed. I dont dislike the idea of a smart home. Just dont like big companies like google watching me 24/7 so they can sell to advertisers to find better ways to make me buy things I dont need 😏

@mike Take a look at - it's not that bad, many people are successfully running offline setups with Domoticz, Openhab, Nodered, Home Assistant and other FOSS projects. Of course it's not as out-of-the-box experience as I presume Google/Amazon is.

@gdr Thanks, I'll give that a look. I've heard of some of those, like OpenHAB, but others are new to me. I know Mycroft has an OpenHAB skill, which would allow voice automation. I love that project, and while it's not as refined as Google or Amazon, it's making some really good progress.

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