@mike @CrowderSoup @dansup Great!

Some follow-up questions:

- Should it be publicly visible, or only visible to logged in users? Maybe an instance-wide admin option?
- Should all users on an instance be included in it by default? Opt-in? Opt-out? (Especially if the timeline is public)
- Would you expect to be able to interact with posts in the timeline (e.g. follow, reply, boost)?


- I think there should be an admin setting to make the timeline public or not, as there is in Mastodon. Also, an admin setting for the DEFAULT permissions for posts. Each profile should be able to override that default at both the profile level and the post level.

- I would expect to interact on a limited basis. Follow certainly. I'm not sure about how boosting is going to work. Reply, no. I think that would encourage people to reply without reading.

@CrowderSoup @dansup

Replying and boosting could work pretty much the same as they do on Tumblr. But maybe that's not the right direction?
@write_as @dansup


@CrowderSoup I have to confess, I have no idea how Tumblr works.

@write_as @dansup

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