I'm in the market for a new laptop and a new tablet. My laptop is over 4 years old, and my tablet is no longer supported. Of course, the bright idea struck me, "Why not just get one device that accomplishes both tasks?"

I've been looking around at detachables. I don't want to go Android. Too many limitations. iPad isn't on the list. There's some Samsung devices, but not a fan of them either.

I ran across the this:


Anyone have experience with using Linux on one?

@mike My wife has an older model spectre (I think from 2016 maybe? or is it 2017? can't remember) It doesn't have a detachable screen, but one of those lids that folds all the way back over to make a pseudo-tablet. There were no critical issues with it, but a few gripes (I had Xubuntu 17.04 on it):
- The trackpad wasn't great. Switching to libinput seemed to make it better, at least for me
- This model had 4 speakers, two below, two on top, but only the two underneath would work.

@iAmNotAfraidofSpiders @mike I'm going through the same process. I am actually looking at the Dell Latitude 12 2-in-1 which is detachable. From the research I've completed seems that everything is supported on Linux although I haven't seen anyone try a variant with the fingerprint reader and NFC backcover.

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