I'm super excited about this announcement. I wanted this exact thing when we started up the Hub, but it wasn't available.

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@mike @kev @codesections that. Is. Awesome.

Now, we need that plugin for Hugo/Ghost/Jekyll/every other blog framework ever.... :D


@gwmngilfen I think that's a distinct possibility in the near future to see a Hugo/Ghost/Jekyll/etc version of this. As @jdormit said in his post, his "mission is to open up the entire internet", and that includes "every website, every social network, and every blog". I love that idea, and I hope that he's not the only one that has it. I'm not coder enough to pull this stuff off, but I'm sure there are others out there that can, and hopefully they take inspiration from this.

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Ghost and Jekyll plugins are a part of my long-term plan. The problem is that static sites by definition don't have a database or do dynamic routing, so we need to a service that handles the actual AP federation. I want to build that after Pterotype - I'm envisioning an open-source AP server with a friendly API that can be used to build the next generation of federated apps.

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@jdormit @mike @kev @codesections right, the static nature is the tricky part, which is why I posted it somewhat sarcastically.

The idea of a minimal db is interesting. It makes me think of how you can power static blog comments with Discourse[1] (which isn't federated, but is otherwise it's a similar idea). But even then you're excluding "true" static hosting (a la GitHub pages etc) where no DB *can* be deployed. Hmmmm...

1. meta.discourse.org/t/embedding

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I run my blog on Hugo and use Isso[1] for the comments. For me it would be no problem to run another server in the background that does the ActivityPub job. But what's an advantage to me and easy to implement for me could be uncomfortable for others.

[1]: posativ.org/isso/


That's how it would have to work to get AP replies to show up on a static web page I think. But if the server powering the comments was a generic AP server it would be a lot more powerful than Isso.

@jdormit @mike @kev @codesections wait, I see you said "service", so yeah, I guess that works for Pages style sites. So you're thinking this would be a hosted offering? That could lead to centralization though, right?

More thoughts later, children require supervision ;)

If the offering is open-source, there can be a hosted offering for those who don't want to self-host - that would be a pretty good way to fund the project. I love the idea of a discourse-style JS embed on the static site to render replies and other AP content.
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#CommonsPub might fit that bill at some point. We want to support federating any kind of Activity or Object, and are implementing a GraphQL client API for maximum flexibility.

Very cool, this is exactly the kind of thing I was thinking about
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Static indieweb stuff might be worth a gander in case any of the ideas are useful (indieweb.org/static_site). e.g. webmention.io + telegraph provide incoming/outgoing webmention support (S2S inbox/outbox in a sense) for statics.

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Hi 👋

Not sure about a plugin, but how about core? :)

Let me know if you wanna chat about it

@johnonolan Yeah, let's stay in touch! This is a pretty long-term plan at the moment - I'm working on a WordPress ActivityPub plugin at the moment, then I need to build the AP server that will store the object graph and handle webfinger discovery for static sites - so there's a lot to do before a Ghost plugin/integration/extension would be viable.

@jdormit have read all your posts and seen the plugin :) However Ghost is not a static site generator, it’s a Node.js app with a full REST API

Ha, really? How embarrassing 😳

I'm happy to consult on any efforts to integrate ActivityPub into Ghost core now, or dive in and contribute myself in a few months.

@jdormit wanna drop me an email? Got several ideas I’d be interested in your thoughts on :) john@ghost.org

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Ghost has already said they would totally support #ActivityPub, and that if there were someone willing to do the work of making it happy they would surely accept PRs in that direction... Now to find someone willing to devote the time to it.

We had a push a while ago to get folks talking about it here in their forums forum.ghost.org/t/federate-ove

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