@mike twitter/facefuck are Budweiser. Fediverse are artisinal microbrews.

@mike What I believe is underlying those misconceptions to a large degree is the fact that social networks are mostly "judged" by social media marketers, a.k.a people for whom the number of users is indeed a critical factor and, as the Medium post says, the people we don't even want to be here.

Unfortunately, though, those people have a big influence on public perception, by virtue of talking a lot and with an aura of authority.

@colomar I would agree, which is also why I think Local Feeds are so important. People can join instances that reflect their interests and get instant access to a community of people with similar interests. People who join more general instances don't get that benefit as much as people who join more specific ones. They're just getting a smaller version of the Fed.

@colomar Not that the Fed isn't useful in and of itself. Both Local and the Fed give people instant access to community where other social networks require knowing people or searching. Either is OK, but not as effective in my opinion.

@mike Yes, I fully agree there a federated timeline is useful as a feature!

I mostly recommend people to avoid the fed if they have experienced Mastodon as being full of drama and other unpleasant content, because the local timeline in Fosstodon feels like a safe haven from all of that.

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