Sooooo many angry comments on my "why I'm ditching Android" post. I've almost worn out my "spam" button! 😁

Seriously guys, it's just a bloody phone haha.


@kev Probably the Apple angle. In my experience, there are two groups within the FOSS community when it comes to Apple.

1. Views Apple as an improvement to Google. Apple doesn't collect the data about you that Google does, so they're a step in the right direction.

2. Views Apple as worse than Google. Google allows you to customize your phone and switch out just about everything about it. Apple barely lets you sort your icons.

When you ditch Google for Apple, you're riling up one of those.

Very well put @mike

I haven't been grousing at @kev here, but I've been reading & thinking: This might capture what sets my teeth on edge about the contrast in the approach to the two @aral takes.

You summed it up perfectly. Pretty much every comment can be put into one of those buckets!

@kev @mike Well, I guess I'll ruin it all with a third category. I dislike them both equally. :) I think that you're choosing between two different kinds of bad.

@hund @kev @mike me too. I'm not sure if I will buy another smartphone with Android/iOS on it, for now I'll stick with LineageOS without gapps.

@trawzified @hund @kev See, I would still call Lineage an Android preference because it still has Android at it's roots.

@mike @hund @kev It's android indeed, but I'm waiting for my data plan to end/phone to die. I still prefer Android over iOS, not because it's more customizable, but because the core is open source and without gapps it doesn't attempt to lock you in with accounts everywhere. If the Librem won't fail I might consider that one too.

@mike @trawzified @kev LineageOS is Android. The name LineageOS is just the name on the Android ROM by LineageOS.

@hund Definitely two different kinds of bad, but I find that even people who dislike both will show SOME preference given a binary choice.


@mike @kev I choose Android, but it's more about choosing what sucks the least for me. And I wouldn't bash on anyone for choosing either side or switching to any side. :)

@hund @kev @mike I can concur in that.. My solution was/is to use Jolla and SailfishOS. Before that it was Nokia N950 and before that a Nokia N900.

Needs are individual.. my needs are not particularly common.

Also... people who do not want maintenance but do have the technical know-how. I would recommend a rolling release distro. This last year or so I haven't had time for anything.... and it just keeps rolling. I do update every other week or so... but it do roll on. ;)

@hund @kev @mike I'm planning to stay on iPhone for now until I can get a Librem or similar.

I must say I like the design thinking they're putting into that device. A smartphone that's first and foremost a phone? I've never heard of such a thing.

@kev I suggest Sailfish OS instead ( here running on Fairphone 2).

@mike @kev There is something to be said about brand loyalty. People are more apt to get defensive and angry about someone making a choice that’s different than their own regarding non-necessities (especially ones with high dollar value) because they’ve had to come up with their own reasoning to explain why they made their own particular choice.

@Indie yeah you're probably right. I don't get why people just be "meh" about it though. It may sound selfish, but I really could care less what phone anyone uses. It's doesn't impact me, and their own choice. If they're happy, more power to them. It's a strange world.


@kev @mike it’s not selfish at all. I think that’s a normal line of thought, or should be.

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