I'm unsubscribing from all my YouTube channels. I'd like to say that this is because of some sort of moral objection to Google's data mining all the things, but it's really because my children have taken over my YouTube, and I'm more likely to get a recommendation from Google for some weird kids game than I am for something I'm actually interested in. Thankfully, YouTube videos still support RSS, so I'll just put the channels I'm interested in into my RSS reader and forget about subscribing.

@mike How did that youtube RSS thing work btw? Trying to do random searches for it and it seems to be different suggestions all over the shop? What method did you use to subscribe via RSS?


@ohyran Unfortunately it's not terribly transparent. I currently use Feedly as my RSS reader, though I'm looking strongly at replacing it with FreshRSS. When I follow the instructions on this support page, it just works. The feed of new videos shows up like magic. I wish there was a .rss URL that I could see that would tell me how this is working, but no such luck.


@mike ty <3 will try it out for Kontact (which is the RSS feeder I use)

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