My one frustration with federated stuff right now is that they integrate, but only partially. I have this account, but I can't use this account to access . I have to create an account on, and then I can follow myself from my Mastodon account? People who follow me here on Fosstodon don't follow the PixelFed account. I COULD boost my PixelFed account from Mastodon, but things just get awkward. Then we add into the mix, or other federated stuff.

@mike Just learned a bunch by reading up on all the terms you used that I'd never heard before - thanks!

@idiom Glad to hear it! There's a lot of interesting services that are using right now, and I'm a fan of them. I hope my post doesn't discourage you from trying them out.

@mike Not at all - I'm excited to see what they become

@mike This is actually being worked on currently by the PixelFed dev - the stack does not yet fully support federation for production environments.

You're right in the sense that each platform dev has to put extra work into interop, but there is an ongoing effort to develop a sane basis to conform to on a protocol level called #Litepub.

One thing in the future that would be nice would be the ability to authorize accounts against each other and tie them together for automated syndication.

@deadsuperhero @mike

But we shouldn't need multiple accounts tied together. AP was designed with the idea that you could have one account and access different clients for different functionality. Everybody is still in the mindset of developing their project standalone and testing federation as an addon.

@0x1C3B00DA @mike that mindset most closely resembles

With AP, there really hasn't been much of a discussion (that I'm aware of) pertaining to the notion of "one account authorized against multiple web applications that all store content as different kinds of activity types under that account's instance"

The closest thing, maybe, would be the server-to-client API, but no one has ever adopted it.

@0x1C3B00DA @mike IMO tying multiple accounts together might be the only way to replicate that functionality given that everyone is doing server-to-server (for better or worse)

@deadsuperhero @0x1C3B00DA

!!! Do it! Do it!!

I'm kidding. I am glad that it's being worked on because I do feel that this is a one of the more frustrating things about integration. It's like having multiple accounts that SHOULD work together, and kind of do, but kind of don't. Even tying accounts together in some way would be preferable. If I post on my account, it automatically posts that content to my Mastodon account? That would work, but the inverse?

@mike @deadsuperhero @0x1C3B00DA

i know at this point its super akward because you basically have two accounts on the same social networks to be able to do two different things.

I think another solution could be an activitypub implemation for identity and is integrated with all the other activitypub implementations. Eg you have an that syncs everything together and mastodon and per say pixeled automaticly redirect people to when ever they click on your mastodon account

@mooshoe @deadsuperhero @0x1C3B00DA That sounds interesting, but how would that work in a decentralized environment? Identity would have to be decentralized as well otherwise the network is not truly a decentralized network.

@mike @mooshoe @0x1C3B00DA

Well, you could tether identities together as a starting point - basically each identity could make an OAuth request to one another or something.

Nomadic identity is basically the concept that you could migrate your core account onto a different node, but few federated platforms have really gone into that.

@mike @deadsuperhero @0x1C3B00DA
Take keybase but federate it. If you mastodon account says you are someone on federated keybase, and federated keybase says your someone on that mastodon account, then they must be the same person. Just have settings in mastodon and federated keybase to point the accounts at eachother.

Then people would follow your federated keybase account from mastodon because it doesn't look any different from just clicking on your mastodon account in the begining.

@deadsuperhero @mike @mooshoe @0x1C3B00DA I would think that oAuth/openID is the already made solution to this problem. The problem is an identity management from the looks of it.

We could implement something like Hydra

But then you need to bring oauth/openID/identity to the base install of Mastodon otherwise if only some instances have it then you just have the XMPP fragmentation problem all over again

@deadsuperhero interestingly I was just thinking a out this today, a way to link all my accounts somehow so that I an post from whichever one is appropriate but followers can choose to see ALL of my accounts posts or just the instance they initially follow. @mike

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