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I need help from the :
At the beginning of this year I discovered a mastodon account (on a different FOSS instance) called "Freed Creative", they also owned a channel with the same name and uploaded awesome tutorials.
I noticed NewPipe complaining about not being able to find the account, like 2 weeks ago. So I did a quick mastodon search but it only returned @freedcreative@tilvids.com and @freedcreative@peertube.social .
Does anyone know what happened to the account?

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The author of the open source suite (which includes the very popular Simple Gallery) has just announced - Simple Phone!


Spread the word, if you feel this is something that needs audience.

It's Monday morning. That means I have 3 more mornings before I go on vacation for a week. Friday at this time I'll be on a plane heading west.

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The NSA has assured everybody that there are no backdoors in their fancy new encryption, and of course we all believe them because they're the NSA and they would never EVER lie to us. Ever. 🙄

Honestly, I don't know much about this and the new encryption they're working on probably warrants a look. I just have a hard time believing an organization like the NSA is going to create something they can't get through considering their line of work. Am I just being paranoid?


Someone on our upper management team ran a poll today and it was hilarious in its transparency. The choices were like this:

1) I understand what management is doing and I'm SUPER excited about it.

2) I'm a little hazy what's going on and I'm worried.

3) I don't understand any of this.

There was no option to say you understood but didn't agree. No option to say you were hazy but excited. The only way you say you were concerned about the direction was to say you didn't understand it.

is finally available for beta testing. It's not a "fully open" test and they send you a link with a generic user/pass combo after you register your email. I assume this is to limit bot traffic and gauge interest. Still looking forward to the in September, and more than likely I'll be using the new @popey voice. I'm still using the original ap voice on my Mark1, and it wouldn't feel natural to use anything else.


I watched this video by Mark Rober last night:


Today I was told my McAfee subscription may have expired today. On my computer. That runs Linux. 🙄

The video is a great watch by the way, and I highly suggest watching it if you have the time.

Just so everybody is aware, there's been a bug in a recent version of Friendica (federated software compatible with Mastodon that exists in the Fediverse) that causes some replies to basically @ everyone in the thread. If you see this, please be courteous about it as the author of that post likely didn't intend to spam everybody.

Hm, client is concerned a 4096bit PGP encryption key isn't secure enough. They want me to put the file into a password protected Zip file and then PGP encrypt it.

Ummm, OK. 🙄

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If you're a Fedora user, what method do you prefer to use for updating the system?

Ps. Dnf is nice and has a revert feature, and a config file, but Gnome software makes updates properly when no packages are in process, so updates are safe

Public Service Announcement (Not Really) 

Just so you know.

I can't say this is super surprising. I kind of suspected it was inevitable after the hire of Michael Lewis to replace Joshua Montgomery as CEO. Lewis seems to have done a good job since he came on board, so I'm looking forward to seeing where goes next. Best of luck to Joshua Montgomery and Kris Adair in their future endeavors.


It's funny in corporations how some things are just flat out lost in time.

Boss: What's ABC acronym stand for?
Me (been with the company 10+ years): Uhhh, <<this>> I think? Let me check.
Me: Hey other guy, what's ABC acronym stand for?
Other guy (been with the company 15+ years): Uhhhh <<this>> maybe? Or maybe <<other this>>?

No one knows.

A large part of my day job is transferring the kind of data people really don't want to see in plain text on the Internet. I'm not naming names for obvious reasons, but I'm SHOCKED at the percentage of companies that are like, "Naw, we don't need encryption for that." Seriously, it gives me the creeps.

Arizona Wildlife 

Just had a bit of excitement. My wife was out in our garage (which is a complete disaster area) looking for something, and I was upstairs browsing , when I heard a horror movie style scream come from the garage. My wife comes ripping into the house like she's being chased. She says there's a scorpion in our garage that was 2 or 3 inches long. I put on shoes cuz scorpion, duh. I quickly found our perpetrator. Not a scorpion. This isn't the actual lizard, but looks close.

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