Services Core v0.2.14.204115 released.
- Includes fixes and improvements for Exposure Notifications API
- Also fixes a lot of issues with other apps.

If you are using microG Exposure Notifications API, please update ASAP as you might be missing out exposure warnings.

See details at
Download via F-Droid repository or

Missing exposure warnings are caused by a change in the Exposure Notification Bluetooth protocol specification that was not yet published by Google or Apple.

Only some devices and OS versions are sending encrypted metadata that cannot be correctly interpreted by older versions of microG. microG can still use data recorded with older versions, but warnings caused by such devices will only be displayed with 0.2.14 or later.

@microg Thank you so much for your work! I really love to use Lineage 4 microG. I think it's the best compromise between privacy and usability!

Btw. how is the cooperation with the /e/ foundation working out for you?

Oddly for the version in the F-Droid repository it says "Added on 01/01/1981" instead of 25/11/2020

However, thanks!

@erAck @microg Yea, I have to update manually as well..
Not sure, if this is something Marvin could fix or if this is something F-Droid handles external repos..

@erAck Thanks for letting me know. This should be fixed now (or whenever F-Droid fetches the updated repository index).

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