Services Core v0.2.13.203915 is now available. 🎊
- Support for Firebase Authentication
- Fixes and improvements for Exposure Notification API
- Bugfixes for Maps and Cloud Messaging

Download from the microG F-Droid repository (see for instructions) or GitHub (see Verify Self-Check status after upgrade.

Updated Exposure Notification API ensures compatibility with the German 1.5.0 that was released today.

@microg CWA is now showing green again, thank you a lot!

@microg Thanks, finally got CWA working on my phone 🙂

@microg what signature spoofing patch is recommended for android 11?

After trying to install via FoxyDroid: "Could not validate microG Services Core" 🤨

@CryptGoat @microg
I was able to update over f-drood. But I Bad to update manually.

Last time I tried exposure notification, a file grew ever larger in internal storage until the device was out of storage. Has something changed about this issue?

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