Services Core v0.2.24.214816 is now available via the usual channels.

This release includes an important fix for a bug in the Exposure Notifications implementation. If you are using any apps that use the Exposure Notification system, make sure to update microG ASAP.

Release notes:

Happy to announce the release of Services Core v0.2.23.214816. 🥳

This release comes with a lot of improvements and bug fixes in Exposure Notification Framework, Location Service and Push Notifications, allows to use microG to connect to Google services when using banned devices (Huawei) and finally reintroduces support for SafetyNet.
Read the release notes for more details:

Download available via microG F-Droid repository or directly on

As yesterday's release introduced two critical bugs, we are here with a new release today, v0.2.21.212158.

Download is available as usual via If you have problems upgrading from v0.2.20.212158, please read the release notes at

Some users reported problems with the new release when using a system that has installed on /system partition (including problems up- or downgrading after installing v0.2.20) or when using apps that make use of a Google account.

There likely will be a follow-up release today or tomorrow to fix those issues.

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Just released the new Services Core v0.2.20.212158.

This release increases compatibility with apps by adding support for Cronet networking library and dummy implementations for Font provider, Credential and TapAndPay APIs.

Download as usual:
Release info:

Services Core v0.2.19.211515 was released yesterday.

This release contains a few fixes for apps using Exposure Notifications, Location or Firebase Auth.


Services Core v0.2.17.204714 was just released.

This release is mostly about a few bug fixes and improvements for the Exposure Notifications API.


Services Core v0.2.16.204713 is now available:
- Fixes issues with Corona-Warn-App 1.9.1
- Adds support for adb backup / seedvault
- A few fixes and improvements

Detailed changelog:

Services Core v0.2.15.204713 is here. 🎉
- Adds support for Vision Barcode API (used for QR code scanning in multiple apps)
- All kinds of improvements and bug fixes for Exposure Notification API.
- And of course, numerous bugs fixed.

Detailed changelog:

Missing exposure warnings are caused by a change in the Exposure Notification Bluetooth protocol specification that was not yet published by Google or Apple.

Only some devices and OS versions are sending encrypted metadata that cannot be correctly interpreted by older versions of microG. microG can still use data recorded with older versions, but warnings caused by such devices will only be displayed with 0.2.14 or later.

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Services Core v0.2.14.204115 released.
- Includes fixes and improvements for Exposure Notifications API
- Also fixes a lot of issues with other apps.

If you are using microG Exposure Notifications API, please update ASAP as you might be missing out exposure warnings.

See details at
Download via F-Droid repository or

Updated Exposure Notification API ensures compatibility with the German 1.5.0 that was released today.

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Services Core v0.2.13.203915 is now available. 🎊
- Support for Firebase Authentication
- Fixes and improvements for Exposure Notification API
- Bugfixes for Maps and Cloud Messaging

Download from the microG F-Droid repository (see for instructions) or GitHub (see Verify Self-Check status after upgrade.

Just released microG Services Core v0.2.12.203315 🎉
- Support for Exposure Notifications API as used by COVID-19 contact tracing apps.
- As always: tons of fixes and compatibility updates

Available on the microG F-Droid repository or via

Finally released microG Services Core v0.2.11.202414 🎉
- Includes early version of UnifiedNlp 2.0
- Works better with Android 10
- As always: tons of fixes and compatibility updates

Available on the microG F-Droid repository or via

I am not using reddit under the username mar-v-in. And microG development will continue.

Why are people making up such things?

#bountysource changed their ToS such that bounties that have been posted more than 2 years ago will be seized by them (probably to fund the blockchain company that bought bountysource a while back). The change will become active July 1. If you have any bounties on bountysource posted before June 30, 2018 you can ask to redeploy your bounty on a new issue once.

@microg will no longer advertise the use of bountysource for issue bounties. Please refrain from posting new bounties there.


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