day 30: Metamapping day. bboxes of all my 2021 maps for the 30 Day Mapping Challenge.

day 29: NULL. A line between NULL Island and the centroid of every country in the world. A map with NULL value. Country data by Natural Earth.

day 28: The earth is not flat. I took a flat map from Natural Earth and made it into a globe in QGIS. I finished it with some small retouching around the poles in GIMP.

day 27: Heatmap. Distribution of Google and Mapillary images in Antwerpen compared.

day 24: Historical. Comparing forests in Flanders in 1775 and 2018. Data from Digitaal Vlaanderen.

day 23: GHSL. I removed the buildings from an orthophoto using the European Settlement Map from GHSL.

day 19: Islands. The border between Belgium and the Netherlands in Baarle. Data from Digitaal Vlaanderen.

day 16: Urban/Rural. Distribution of people and hospitals in Belgium. Data from openstreetmap, Statbel and NGI-IGN.

day 15: Without a computer. The river Schelde and the docks in the Antwerp region.

day 14: A new tool. I tried to use Blender to create a 3D map. I'm still not convinced I like it.

day 13: Natural Earth. I used several water related data sources and combined them in .

day 11: Population. I rescaled all municipalities in Belgium based on their population. Made with QGIS based on data from Statbel (Statistics Belgium) and Nationaal Geografisch Instituut.

day 11: 3D. The same area as yesterdays rasters, but this time a 3D animation made in QGIS.

day 10: Raster. An overview of aerial photography available for the area around Couvin railway station.

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