I decided to dust off a little my old Galaxy Tab 10.1 and install Linux on it πŸ˜€ . I found that postmarketOS should work and it works (I have just installed it so I can see that touchscreen, wifi, ssh by usb cable works so it is not so bad for start). Now I'm checking different user interfaces. Xfce was a liitle slow, but with sxmo it runs pretty well.

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#Fennec #FDroid based on #Fenix alias the latest #Firefox for #Android has arrived! Trackers have been removed, "about:config" is available. The version has not been marked as recommended yet, so you have to download and install manually. Thanks to relan, @Bubu and all who have made this possible. πŸ₯³

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The command-line πŸ’» tool 'exa' is a modern replacement for 'ls' written in Rust. The attempt is to be more featureful and more user-friendly.

Among other things exa looks clearer at first glance, shows the file size in a πŸ™† human readable form and can also show headers and many other things, try:

$ exa -abghHliS

for an overview.😎


You should be able to install exa easily from the package manager of the Linux :tux: system of your choice.πŸ€“

Hi, I forgot to introduce myself after I registered. I'm interested in programming, electronics, music, reading, photography, rollerblading, cycling. In my free time I develop some small free software projects, so I may sometimes throw in some annoying info about new versions.

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Github is sinking. What now? Some quick suggestions on my blog.


Move. No reason to stay.

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I uploaded a new version (1.5.0) of the Wall Changer.
Now it can be used with different window managers without changing its settings (after once set).

I've used different window managers but i3 still fits me best. Why ?
I work on a laptop, 15.6'', not too small, not too big, but still the screen space counts.
Tiled window placement, thin borders, disabling window titles, allows you to free up some of the screen space.
Saving and loading window layouts, being very configurable gives a lot of freedom to adapt to your needs.


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