Been a while, but I've just posted a short progress update: . Short summary is that I've been reviewing submissions daily, fixed some minor bugs, and the system has been stable, but I've not had chance to do any enhancements. One interesting thing I've noticed is that I hardly get any hits from Google: anyone have any idea why?

I've summarised how much (the open source search engine and search as a service) has cost over the past 6 months, and estimated how much it may cost to keep going in future: Short summary: it is (perhaps) surprisingly expensive to run a search engine and search as a service. The good news is that there is a plan to cover costs (without resorting to advertising). Let's see if it works. is now open source: . Post includes: Why aren’t other search engines open source? What open source licence is it? What are the future plans?

This post contains details of the most recent round of relevancy tuning for, completed following user feedback and the submission of many more sites. It is possible to detail how results are ranked because of the model designed to keep out and remove the financial incentive for spam: has its own dedicated blog now, and I've posted a bit more details of some of the changes I've made since the burst of activity in mid October at

There has been a slight mismatch between the number of sites submitted, and the number indexed. Turns out that 10 sites have a User-agent: * Disallow: / in their robots.txt. I've added those sites to the do not index list, which means if you resubmit them you'll see the message '... has previously been submitted but ... Access blocked by robots.txt'. If you see this, but have updated robots.txt to allow, let me know and I'll move to the index list again.


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