I've summarised how much searchmysite.net (the open source search engine and search as a service) has cost over the past 6 months, and estimated how much it may cost to keep going in future: blog.searchmysite.net/posts/se Short summary: it is (perhaps) surprisingly expensive to run a search engine and search as a service. The good news is that there is a plan to cover costs (without resorting to advertising). Let's see if it works.

@michaellewis This is a really neat idea. I will add a few sites that would probably be at home in with this engine. (In case you see my original toot asking about how to find sites I just want to let you know I already found that out lol.)


@Zach777 Thanks for the kind words. It would be great if you could submit some personal and/or independent sites you like - it may help others find some things they find interesting too.

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