I've summarised how much searchmysite.net (the open source search engine and search as a service) has cost over the past 6 months, and estimated how much it may cost to keep going in future: blog.searchmysite.net/posts/se Short summary: it is (perhaps) surprisingly expensive to run a search engine and search as a service. The good news is that there is a plan to cover costs (without resorting to advertising). Let's see if it works.

@michaellewis Note that AWS is a ridiculously expensive way to get computer resources. You haven't got any AWS-specific stuff in your codebase, have you?


@wizzwizz4 Yes, I know AWS is about as expensive as it gets (and not exactly flavour of the month either). I'm just using it at the moment because I'm familiar with it from my day job to be honest. There's nothing at all specific to AWS though, so it would be easy to shift. Not too worried about trying to reduce costs at the moment though - main focus is on building it out, increasing adoption, and testing whether a search engine can be sustained by anything other than advertising.

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