1. Point out illegal behavior in an HN comment
2. Get downvoted because that's not very move fast and break things of you


@sir That's the problem - the whole Silicon Valley ethos of "fake it till you make it" and evading regulations because "it is better to ask forgiveness than permission" encourages fraud. But when there is so much money being made it is very difficult to stop.

@michaellewis @sir HN is a mixed bag. There are a lot of the fast + break type of types. But I am also often pleasantly surprised on the number of people taking the proper stance in their comments - the people's perspective - and end up upvoted high into the thread. And its not all just virtue signaling either, I think.

Btw, this may also be because HN has grown significantly and the typical SV types are vastly outnumbered now by proper-techies.

@humanetech @sir Yes, I was careful to call it the Silicon Valley ethos rather than HN ethos. I did write on HN a months or so back that "I have a theory that IT is split into 'doers', i.e. the people who do things, and 'talkers', i.e. the people who talk about doing things. By definition, you hear from the talkers more, perhaps because the doers are too busy actually doing things ... in HN's defence, you do hear more from actual doers here than perhaps anywhere else."

@michaellewis @sir btw, I really admire as small community manager how Dan (dang) is moderating that network.

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