Been a while, but I've just posted a short progress update: . Short summary is that I've been reviewing submissions daily, fixed some minor bugs, and the system has been stable, but I've not had chance to do any enhancements. One interesting thing I've noticed is that I hardly get any hits from Google: anyone have any idea why?

I've summarised how much (the open source search engine and search as a service) has cost over the past 6 months, and estimated how much it may cost to keep going in future: Short summary: it is (perhaps) surprisingly expensive to run a search engine and search as a service. The good news is that there is a plan to cover costs (without resorting to advertising). Let's see if it works.

Today I noticed: When I make pretend phone calls I have my fist by my cheek with my little finger out towards my mouth and my thumb out towards my ear, but when my children are making pretend phone calls they place flat palms towards their face.

I posted this to IndieHackers and HN. Top post in the blogging section on IndieHackers is from someone making $8K MRR from "productized SEO content marketing" (I think that means generating blogspam) so I don't think that's the target audience:-)

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Wow, my advert-free search engine comment got a fair bit of negativity on Hacker News. Apparently I should think about all the poor writers trying to eke out a living from the advertising on their blogs. Not that I was saying advert-driven search engines should be banned - librarians don't put shopkeepers out of business because they're doing different things. is now open source: . Post includes: Why aren’t other search engines open source? What open source licence is it? What are the future plans?

This post contains details of the most recent round of relevancy tuning for, completed following user feedback and the submission of many more sites. It is possible to detail how results are ranked because of the model designed to keep out and remove the financial incentive for spam:

@markosaric FYI I've switched to use Plausible analytics. I mention this on the About page, plus have written a short blog post about it. BTW I love your business model and philosophy. has its own dedicated blog now, and I've posted a bit more details of some of the changes I've made since the burst of activity in mid October at

TIL there's a breed of semi-feral sheep on a small Scottish island that has evolved to eat mostly seaweed, giving the meat a "unique, rich flavour":

Had to log in to FB for the first time in 7 years, to change my password as apparently it had been compromised (it says there was a login from a Windows PC, so that definitely wasn't me). What a disaster zone it has become.

There has been a slight mismatch between the number of sites submitted, and the number indexed. Turns out that 10 sites have a User-agent: * Disallow: / in their robots.txt. I've added those sites to the do not index list, which means if you resubmit them you'll see the message '... has previously been submitted but ... Access blocked by robots.txt'. If you see this, but have updated robots.txt to allow, let me know and I'll move to the index list again.

So today's my 20 year anniversary at my current job (I remember the date because it was my dad's birthday). They used to make a big thing about significant anniversaries. But today? Not even an email.

Had the first outage of last night:-( Good news is that the the monitoring and alerting triggered. Bad news is that it happened just after I went to bed and I put my phone on Do Not Disturb overnight. Hopefully no-one too inconvenienced. Root cause was the system running out of memory trying to index a ginormous .cbr file. Needless to say some changes already made to prevent a repeat, and more changes planned.

First toot. Completely new to the fediverse. Looks promising from what I've seen so far. Anyway, day job is a digital architect, but I do a bit of full stack dev on the side, and have an MSc in AI from before it was trendy. Also been a Linux user since 1995.


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