Looking for some insights into choosing between Full Disk using Luks (the way I've always done it), or using OPAL on a drive that supports it.

Features currently supported:
- First class IMAP support
- Bring your own domain
- Aliases and '+' suffixes supported
- Lightweight and clean management interface
- Quota support
- Sieve filters

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Been running my own hosting stack for a couple of months now. Thinking of opening up the service to the public. What features would an email service need in your opinion?

One cool thing I just noticed is how complete and good the documentation is. I’ve never seen anything like it in “new” and “modern” projects. Simple html format, full sentences, clear and concise. Love it!

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Deploying the admin panel is smooth through Git + Ansible. But now that I'm integrating , and the admin panel I need to go back and forth quite a bit!

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Getting the hang on only using for configuring my remote servers. Nicely segmented my mailservice setup in the roles base, database, imap, smtp and web. Now to add some more configuration options to my Ansible setup!

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After spending some time looking for a suitable email service I ended up coding and building my own email service. Spent time this weekend between talks building a REST api to manage imap mailboxes on dovecot. Next up is adding a management interface for sieve filters and getting sign ups operational.

2021 is an online event this year. Thousands of visitors will view talks, visit virtual stands and interact with one another through the proctol. fosdem.org/2021/practical/onli

FOSDEM 2021 - Products versus Protocols

In this talk I will share the lessons I have learned while trying to implement (Prosody/Snikket), document (modernxmpp.org) and promote communication freedom to people.

#xmpp | #matrix


It's #FOSDEM time! And that means #Belgian #beer, even if not at Brussels like usually.

Due to covid, the conference is held online on top of #Matrix.

Check it out! https://fosdem.org

Progress! Those little sleeping robot spiders now wake up when Cube Droid steals all batteries. Still need to code their brains though. #MSX #cubedroid

Wondering what you loving people are using? Do you run your own or do you have a favorite service?

Join us in the #InfraManagement devroom at #FOSDEM on Feb 6 (tomorrow!!) with a slew of talks on #Ansible, @foreman, and #pulpproject!

Take a look at the schedule: fosdem.org/2021/schedule/track

Don't miss "your management layer should be cattle too" by @zhenech

#opensource #FOSDEM2021

Look up translations on with ! More than 6.6 million translations across 20 languages are available

Source code at

It's quite an early release, but if there is interest, I will improve on it.

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