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Call me a giant weeb but I I just saw the Konosuba movie in theaters. Perfect combination of wholesome and lewd.

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@mholiv i would like to interject for a moment, but what you refer to as Linux is actually SystemD/Linux+GNU
Linux + GNU is not a system unto itself but rather a component of a fully featured SystemD system

SystemD is a better cleaner faster way to boot Linux. I miss nothing about 500 line sysvinit bash files. Fight me.

Nothing kills the desire to refactor and improve an application’s architecture / scaling design like seeing that the app is DEPLOYED via 800 lines of terraform.

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Small actions, even on tasks you'd rather avoid, make them easier to accomplish.

Flying out to Germany in a bit here. Can anyone refer me to any cool tech meetups / hacker spaces in either the /#Köln or areas?

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"OK Boomer" is a magic spell cast to protect millenials from having their youth stolen by boomers and they fucking HATE it

And in case it isn’t clear the greatest Pokémon trainer of all time is James.

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In lighter news let it be known that the greatest Pokémon trainer of all time was at minimum an an occasional gender bender. The more you know.

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There's a crow walking on a train rail and he's trying his hardest to keep his balance while walking on it. I respect the stubbornness
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Netflix is ditching old Roku devices due to DRM -

Digital Restrictions Management is bad: you cannot use the media properly, mostly no backups, limited to specific devices (sanctioned by provider), no further usage possible if provider shuts down.


Anyone here into automating food production? I just finished up a practical 3D printed prototype of a mediumless microgreen grow bed. It’s all open source and up at and I could use help. I am getting ready to scale things up.


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