Anyone here good at technical or line art in general? I’m looking to some assembly illustrations for products on my little Etsy store and would like to give my mastodon peeps first shot.

😎 My first ever Diy PCB project works! Thanks @meisam for your help and thank you to the KiCad team for a great project!

The PCB is a series of LEDs to provide optimized light for my ongoing automated food production project.

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Apparently Amazon has kicked Parler off of AWS.

Parler has been known as a cesspool of nazi scum and villainy for quite some time, even prior to recent events in the US. So watch out for any sudden influxes of new folks into the fediverse. Not all exoduses from silo systems are good ones.

@Leelums I’m so sorry for your situation. Healthcare in the US is rough. I was in a similar situation in the past and ended up using a dental school who treated me for supper cheap. That and if you have Medicaid you also qualify for some help. The HHS site has some great info. I would look for local dental schools around me and see what offerings where available. This is another great resource. Hopefully thing a get better for you.

@wizzwizz4 sent an email. The maintainer works at red hat so I expect a positive outcome. :)

@wizzwizz4 I’ll send them a message and see if they would be up to accept a PR. Worst feeling in the world is submitting a PR to a project that is 100% dead.

@wizzwizz4 `Programming Language :: Python :: 2.7` ouch. I bet I could port it though. Looks simple enough.

@wizzwizz4 @wizzwizz4 Ledger has great python3 support. I’m a python dev and considered python bindings to be a big plus when I was looking around. I can see why people would want a GUI though. That being said I have zsh aliases for my most often used commands (ie how much money is left in each budget this month) and that meets my needs. With the bindings one could make a GUI though if one wanted. :)

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Nazis on Reddit having second thoughts installing the Parler web app because it’s a “progressive” web app.

@clacke This. One of my 2021 goals was to move to a double accounting system for my personal finances. Spent a few hours doing the tutorial and entering my 2021 data. End result is really nice. Even use cases like stock and crypto assets are really well covered.

@koreymoffett Stochastic terrorism aside I would argue much other good can be had by the reduction of the intensity and size of certain cults of personalities.

@koreymoffett I’m not sure I agree with you here. Yes. Government censorship is generally not good. We both agree on this. What I may position as a counter point is this:

As humans we have a base ethical obligation to help others and prevent harm to others in accordance with our abilities and resources. If one can meaningfully reduce stochastic terrorism by deleting a single account from a system that one has guardianship over, one ought to do It.

For those people whom are passionate about the intersection of tech, open source software and accounting I would highly recommend “ledger cli”. It’s a plain text based, git friendly, open source, double entry accounting system. The learning curve is about as steep as vim’s, but like vim once you get it, it is totally worth it.

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me, a year ago: "yall are crazy, reply guys aren't so bad"

me today, reading a post by "FOSSy the snowman" who has a picture of the linux penguin as their avatar, explaining to me specifically about how i've never made a pb&j correctly: *hopeless sobbing*

@meisam Makes Sense. I’m just jumping from software / functional design to electronics so this is all pretty new to me. :)

@meisam got it. Yah. Turns out I was using the max forward voltage. Not the normal forward voltage. Thanks.

I am continuing work on my open source food production system and going to PCBs.

Issue is that my level of pcb experience is limited. Could anyone who has any experience look over this?

The DC power supply is going to be 24v

There is a 22uF decoupling capacitor rated at 25v right at the power supply.

91ohm 1/8W resistor before 7 blue LEDs with 25mA of forward current and 3.1v of forward voltage
130ohm 1/4W resistor before 10 red LEDs with 30mA of forward current and 2.4v of forward voltage

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Anarchist Library: **Freedom Press - Practical Socialism**

"Author: Freedom PressTitle: Practical SocialismDate: September, 1887Notes: Freedom Press (ed.)Source: Freedom: A Journal of Anarchist Socialism, Vol. 1, No. 12, online source, retrieved on May 1, 2020. A common mode of raising objections against Socialism is the f…"

#anarchism #bot

@g I bought a DIY kit from but if you know how to set up relays and the like properly you could make it from first principals.

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