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Anarchist Library: **Freedom Press - Practical Socialism**

"Author: Freedom PressTitle: Practical SocialismDate: September, 1887Notes: Freedom Press (ed.)Source: Freedom: A Journal of Anarchist Socialism, Vol. 1, No. 12, online source, retrieved on May 1, 2020. A common mode of raising objections against Socialism is the f…"

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@g I bought a DIY kit from but if you know how to set up relays and the like properly you could make it from first principals.

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Just removed my nest thermostat and added a hestiapi. Not sure how I feel about openHAB though. Home Assistant feels so much better. Either way better then google and it’s open source! :D

@Tayo I am working on two uses. 1. Automated plant harvesting for my grow bed project. 2. A NSFW device that I would publish via an alias.

Past projects included automated window opening coordinated with outside temperatures along with blind opening and closing. Also temperature and light management for my pet snake.

Not going to lie I am low key supper proud of these 3D printed component holders. Taking all the DIY crap I have laying around and putting it together feels amazing.

Anyone have experience with emacs org-mode? I am looking to migrate away from OmniFocus. I ideally want to use a GTD workflow.

BSD on desktop people. Why do you prefer using BSD on your desktop or laptop? I tried this but outside of a VM hardware compatibility was horrific and UI tools where less then elegant. Is there something I am missing?

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the fact older people lean right does not mean we get more conservative as we get older. it means old people suck.


@wizzwizz4 I imagining a hard Brexit with Irish backstop will be likely given the “get brexit done” motto.

Well this is sad. :( I’m not British but I am sorry for your loss.

@phryk I MAY be at FosDem though this year depending on if my presentation is accepted.

@phryk I REALLY want to go. But I blew all my vacation time already this year. I will definitely be at 37 though.

@phryk Fair enough. I have never done anything in openSCAD the would call for structural analysis. I didn’t even know such tooling existed for openscad. I will definitely look into this in the future.

As for steel huh. I didn’t know it would be cheap. I was brainstorming around 60x60 extruded aluminum. Ie.

@phryk I meant to type “That is supper cool!” No question mark.

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